The Dreamland Project is located in a point that is just 1 hour away to the largest three cities of Turkey which are Istanbul, Bursa and Izmit and that’s why this project is in the most suitable point for living in Turkey. You can arrive to Istanbul in every hour during a day. After the Gulf Bridge is completed – it is under construction currently – you will have the opportunity to be in Istanbul in half an hour with your car.


You will live in peace and safety with the 24 hours active security system. Even if the Dreamland Project is located in one of the most elite and safe region, it is protected with last technology security system without ignoring any possibilities against your safety. The entrance and exit is made with card system and your guests are accepted to the site after your permission is taken.

Social Life

You can have many hobbies in Dreamland! Our aim is not only to make you own a villa but also to give you the life you have ever dreamed. In Dreamland there are; tennis court, football and basketball fields, nature walking-tracks and bridleways.